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Usage-based pricing

AUTHOR: The Xyte team

Offer more flexible and creative pricing models for your connected devices and differentiate from the competition by allowing customers to pay only for what they are using. Usage-based pricing is beneficial to both the buyer and the seller, as the transparency makes it easy for the business side to directly align costs with consumption. Your customers will recognize a stronger correlation between the price they pay and the value they get from your service, which helps ensure greater customer satisfaction and retention.

To support usage-based pricing for your device, create a product via the Product Catalog wizard. Select the Product Type and provide general details. Under the Pricing Model, select Usage Based Pricing, and give the model a display name, the telemetry, and the units by which the telemetry will be measured. From there, in the Product Listings tab, you’ll add the offering as a new product listing. The usage-based subscription will then automatically be available in the ecommerce store for your customers.

Customers who have purchased a usage-based subscription will be able to see the usage, their upcoming payment according to the usage to-date, as well as their full usage and payment history. The manufacturer will also be able to see the same data on the Partner portal.

Usage-based subscriptions that are canceled are canceled immediately.

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